A poet at heart.

At a young age, Rege was introduced to a demon that would soon take control of his life, in ways he thought were impossible."

Rege was born in 1963, precisely two weeks after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He was born the youngest of eight children in Detroit, Michigan.

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At a young age, Rege was introduced to a demon that would soon take control of his life, in ways he thought were impossible. " I was just five years old when my uncles would give me sips of alcohol, not knowing the damage they would cause to my life. That taste of alcohol would become something I grew to love and also a taste that would place a label on my life."

One of the fondest moments Rege can recall growing up were the times he would ride with his father in his taxi cab.

"My dad would let me sit in the passenger seat of the cab and allow me to spin the meter when new passenger rode in the taxi cab. I always enjoyed the time that I would spend with my father."

When Rege grew into his teen years, another tragedy would strike him.  The "Death to the Klan" March, which took place in Greensboro in late 1979, involved a violent showdown between members of the Communist Workers Party (CWP), the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), and a neo-Nazi group. Greensboro officers were assigned to accompany the demonstrators at noon but were not present at the time, creating the opportunity for destruction. Rege was across the street at a local cleaner, when he witnessed the incident take place. The massacre was so traumatizing that Rege would develop PTSD. 

Alcohol would come back to strike Rege again, this time as an adult. Rege got caught up in the life of crime, which brought him down a dangerous path. Alcohol would become be his gateway to other drugs. This part was so painful and traumatic; he can't remember what happened in those 30 years.

In 2009, Rege checked into a rehab center, a decision that would mold him into a new man. "While I was in rehab, the holy spirit spoke to me and told me to write everything down according to how I see it and how I heard it. If it exposes you, I will never leave or forsake you." The very next day Rege would write down every event that took place. Endue to the constant writing, Rege discovered that he was a writer and could write surprisingly well. 

That same year he wrote his first stage play which turned into 14 others as the years progressed. He also wrote and self-published his first book of poetry in 2015. Rege was finally beginning to turn his life around until 2016. He and his longtime girlfriend were having issues at home. "It got so bad at home I couldn't stay there anymore, or something bad would've happened, the only place I could go to was the shelter."

Rege has now been homeless for the past few years and is continuing to make strides to become a better version of himself. Rege has not let the homeless stigmas define him, and he's become an activist for those experiencing homelessness. Rege's most recent poem If I Were Homeless, describes how society looks down on individuals experiencing homelessness.

Rege hopes to get more of his works published very soon. He also just received good news that he will be employed, as a cook at North Carolina A&T.



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