She would often call him stupid, ugly, and would tell him how much better his other siblings were co

Jay was born in 1973, in Fort Pierson, Florida. Growing up as a child, it was extremely rough and uncommunicative for Jay. His biological father wasn't apart of his life growing up, and he felt unwanted because of that. His mother didn't do much to make"home" feel any better for Jay.

She would often call him stupid, ugly, and would tell him how much better his other siblings were compared to him. She'd always resented Jay, just because his father had left her. At the time she didn't realize the effects of her words, and how they would carry into Jay's adult life.

"Looking back at it, I believe I grew up to be a beautiful swan and not the ugly duckling she painted me out to be." 

As a teen, he grew up finding it difficult to trust anyone. Being that the ones that were supposed to love him were causing the most pain to him. He always walked around with the mentality that actions spoke louder than words and only allowed those that showed their efforts in his personal life. 

When Jay got older, he became more adventures, not in a positive way either. "I got into much trouble, and I was just lost. I believe if I had someone in my life to show me right from wrong, things would be different for me."

In 2014 Jay took a Greyhound bus to Greensboro to follow love. He met a woman on a dating site, and they eventually became close rather quickly, and he decided to make a move from Florida to Greensboro for her. Claims it was the worst decision that he's ever made. Their two-month relationship ended with a horrible break and Jay on the streets.

He's been staying at the urban ministries for the past few months, trying to get back on his feet. He hopes to start his own business one day; he wants to do something involving cooking or cutting hair.



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