She's waiting for a fresh start and to be reconnected with her daughter.

Tyra is originally from Ohio. Her mother and grandmother raised her. Growing up with four other siblings, Tyra was the middle child, and also considered herself as the "black sheep" of the family. "You know how you would usually click with your siblings or share the same similarities? We didn't have that between us." She said. 

In 2000, Trya graduated from Elida high school. During that same year,  she meets her father for the first time. "It was just so much going on at one time. I just graduated and the next thing I know, I'm meeting my dad for the first time."

Seven years later, Trya had a baby girl. "I was so happy to have given birth to her, my heart was finally full, and I felt a part of something."  Tyra knew that working at ODD Lots (Now know as Big Lots), wouldn't be enough to support her and her daughter.

Tyra enrolled at Owens Community College, taking the basic nursing classes they offered. In hopes of transferring to a university where she could get into a nursing program. Unfortunately, Tyra was forced to withdraw from Owens community college. "I would constantly miss the bus because of work and would have to wait 30 minutes to an hour for the next bus to arrive. My absence just continued to pile up." 

In 2010, Tyra moved to Newark. New Jersey, with her daughter and boyfriend. She was doing a few odd jobs here and there,  but it wasn't enough to live on. They soon moved to Greensboro. That's when everything changed.

'It was two years of hell for me." Upon there move to Greensboro, North Carolina. Trya's boyfriend was arrested for sexually assaulting a 6-year-old child. Tyra's daughter.  Tyra was also arrested for her possible involvement and was charged with aiding and abetting. After her release from prison. She came back to nothing; her home gone, her daughter gone.



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