In the early 1980s, Keith was making over $100,000 a year from his gambling habits, and that wasn’t

Robert Keith Coltrane has had one heck of a life, which could be described as riches to rags. Keith was born December 28th, 1960 in Sophia, North Carolina. He had a wonderful childhood growing up, which included going on several vacations yearly with his family.

In his teenage years, Keith and his father would often time bet on chicken fights for thousands of dollars at a time. A little hobby he used to do with his father, that later became his life. Keith would move on from gambling chickens to gambling in casinos. 

In the early 1980s, Keith was making over $100,000 a year from his gambling habits, and that wasn’t his only source of income. Keith was the general plant manager at US furniture industries in Highpoint, North Carolina, and the advisor over six other USFI businesses across the country; his annual salary was $60,000, which later increased to $80,000 during his 19 years with USFI. During his 19 years, he was ridiculed by his white colleagues because he had integrated the facility with African-Americans; they would often call him a Ni**er lover because of it. To Keith, he saw everyone as equal.

During his gambling career, he would often place $100,000 bets at the casino and $20,000 a hole at the asheborocc. Keith was also a very sympathetic man, giving his family money when times got hard, and even if they were doing well. Keith felt if his siblings didn't have at least a couple thousand dollars on their persons, then they weren't doing well. Some of his friends noticed how sympathetic he was and used that against him to receive money as well; he recalls at least giving out $200,000 over ten years to people he thought were his friends.

In the early '90s, Keith was introduced to powder cocaine and began slowly drinking. Drugs have destroyed this once prominent man and left him in shambles. Keith used to refuse to wake up in the morning if he knew he wasn't going to make at least $1,000 that day, now he wakes up to earn $1.88 recycling cans for 1 cent per pound. His message to you is, "don't take your life for granted."

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