He approached Michael as he was leaving work that night and pulled a gun on him and began to threate

Michael grew up in New Jersey, where his mother and father raised him. His father was a decorated police officer in New Jersey. Michael had a great childhood growing up, being that he was the youngest of five kids, he got everything he wanted.

Shortly after graduating from Atlantic City high school, he attended Hampton Institute, now known as Hampton University. Michael studied Architecture and photography, with minor in business. Only completed three years out of his five-year program at Hampton before he withdrew, due to medical issues, he was losing vision in his left eye. Not only was his vision vanishing, but his confidence as well. 

Almost a decade past until he decided to move to Florida to find a job. Michael began working at Georgia Ports, where he was a facility maintenance supervisor for several years, making over $38,000 a year. One day an incident occurred at work, he happened to witness the entire thing go down. Michael was faced with an ultimatum of telling his manager the truth or risk getting fired, and he told the truth.

Later that night, one of the employees involved in the incident, found out that Michael had told on him. He approached Michael as he was leaving work that night and pulled a gun on him and began to threaten his life. He allowed Michael to move after the altercation. The situation frightened Michael so much that he never returned to work after. Michael began living off his checking account, and once that vanished, Michael turned to his savings. He lost everything, his home, his cars, everything.

In 2015, Michael moved to Greensboro in hopes of a new fresh start. He was able to find housing at Greensboro Urban Ministry, where he is currently living, but moving into his apartment very soon! He plans to share his living space with his 91-year-old mother, who is homeless as well. 



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