"I had everything I ever wanted growing up"

Barry was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the year of 1964. He came from a very well rounded family.

"I had everything I ever wanted growing up; I could tell my family had it better than my friend's families."

Barry's dad was also a well-respected man in Pittsburgh; he was the assistant basketball coach for the Schenley Spartan high school team in the late 60s to early '70s. His father was also the assistant coach on the 1971 Schenley PIAA Championship team. 

When Barry turned 13 years old, his parents got a divorce. "I wasn't upset at all about it; because the divorce gave me the freedom to do what I wanted to do."Barry began sneaking out of the house and getting involved with the wrong crowd. In the 10th grade, he started smoking and selling weed. "I wasn't selling weed for the money, and I just wanted to be and look cool." 

Barry, later on, moved on to cocaine when his best friend told him that "coke was the rich man high." Barry wishes he would have never heard those words come out of his mouth.

At 19 years old, Barry went to the army right after high school but only served 18 months. He received an honorable discharge. When he came back to the states, all hell broke loose for him. Crack has become the drug of choice in his area, and he quickly began to follow the crowd.

Crack has had such a firm hold on Barry's life for almost the past 30 years. Crack has ruined his relationship with his family, friends, and has gotten him arrested several times. Berry has been placed at gsourbanmin for the past few weeks and is waiting for a housing assignment. He's also been clean for the past six months! When asked what helps him to stay clean he responded by saying "just being positive and taking it one day at a time, just one day at a time."



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