"I sold my condo so I could be a bit more financially stable for my mother, I didn't want to put my

Born in 1971, Jack was adopted by birth in Wilmington, North Carolina. He and his adopted parents then moved to Greensboro in 1977. Growing up, Jack had a "very loving family, and sister," he described. Jack's family took many vacations and enjoyed much time together.

"The fondest moment of my early childhood has to be the time my parents brought home a Beagle, whom we named Penny. My sister and I frequently pestered about it, so it was great to have one finally. Mom made pizza that same day, and we all sat in the living room and enjoyed with our new dog. The world seemed at peace."

Jack attended Mendenhall junior high. After school, he enjoyed riding his dirt bike at Pits, which is now Holden RD and Bryan Boulevard. "It was my age of innocents, I had an immaculate time, riding dirt bikes, picking up cute girls." 

In 1989, Jack graduated from the University of Georgia with a double major in marketing and business administration. Shortly after graduation, he moved to Charlotte and landed a job with BBB (Better Bussiness Bureau).

The early 2000s were a very challenging year for Jack, his sister just passed away from lupus, at 28. He found himself becoming a consultant for his parents, who had a tough time grieving the loss of their daughter.

"She was the one that brought so much light into our family, and it felt as if that light was no longer shining."

In 2009, Jack learned that his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He left everything in Charlotte and moved to Greensboro to be with his father who passed away shortly after. In 2012, his mom was diagnosed with cancer too. His mom was all he had left.

"I sold my condo so I could be a bit more financially stable for my mother, I didn't want to put my mother in a nursing home." Jack's mother passed away in 2015

The bills soon began to pile up, and Jack had to take out a home equity loan, which still wasn't enough. "The money dried up so fast, next thing I know, I'm on the street."

"I don't like the word homeless; I like temporarily displaced. I'm not mad or would ever take anything back; I'm just going with the flow. I believe God has a bigger plan for me, no matter my situation."

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